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October 11, 2011

Fast Masked! Scrolling! MovieClips – iPAD

Filed under: Mobile — geekymaira @ 11:58 am

Hello people,

I was asked to develop a dynamic 360 degree product viewer for the iPAD using a PNG sequence. I created the component but it was slugging on the device. I wasn’t getting the 60FPS that I should
have. After brainstorming with a few colleagues, I came across a new  Greensock API that did the job BRILLIANTLY. They claim upto 1000% smoother animations.

It’s called BlitMask.
Here’s the link

Another method to do the same thing is using
Here’s an example by Lee BrimeLow  using the above.

Other interesting links for Spriting/Blitting/Smooth Scrolling






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