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July 21, 2010

My first *decent* looking flash game.

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This is just a gameplay demo right now but I’m still proud of it 🙂

Someone told me that they didn’t understand WHY they were annihilating bugs in the game. I thought about it. They were right. The game has no story, no valid reason for a player to be killing bugs, but that’s the fun of it. It’s kindda instinctive I guess. You give the gamers a gun, some ammo and show em bugs crawling on their monitor. What do you expect them to do but FIRE!! .

Hey, I’m not saying there isn’t a concept behind the game. There is a very valid reason to why I decided to make a game with bugs and a cannon but I’m wondering now, if it’s such a good idea to state it in public. 😀

Anyway, Hoping to get feedback!!




February 26, 2010

Collision Detection Tip – Using nested mc’s

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I was trying to get a bullet to collide with a bug(enemy) on the stage. The bullet_mc had a small animation which shape tweened the bullet into a splash.
I wanted this animation to play when the bullet hit the enemy and appear on top of the bug, to depict that the bug had been squatted by the bullet.
So I detected the collision using hitTestObject , stopped decrementing the Y for the bullet (To stop it from
moving upwards) , and called the function on an active collision to play the splash animation.

But, I ran into some problems. (more…)

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